Class Portraits


This weekend I decided to take portraits of my friends Joy and Mikey. I wanted to do all black and white based on the portraits I saw Jean-Baptiste Mondino did. I usually love colorful photos, but I thought these portraits looked much better in black and white.

Jean-Baptiste Mondino

When you type in “Famous Portrait Photographers” so many different artists come up. I came across a blog about 50 different famous portrait photographers, and Jean-Baptiste Mondino had the most intriguing portraits I have ever seen. He is a French fashion photographer and also directs music videos and does film. His work is so diverse and he ranges in so many different styles of portraits. This┬átype of fashion photography is the same kind that I would love to pursue. Mondino does an excellent job at portraying different kind of photoshoots whether its in a studio or an outdoor setting. Seeing all of his work is so inspiring and he definitely makes me want to come out of my comfort zone and try some new things.


Anna Mia Davidson: Human Nature


I think that Anna is a strong influence to our society. If you listen to her story about how she backpacked through Cuba, she has experienced life in ways that most of us cannot. She gave up a lot when it came to dropping everything she had and going to Cuba. Letting go of her apartment, quitting her job, and leaving with just the money she had is not something any average person would do.

When going to Cuba, she mentioned how this trip turned into a 10 year photography project. You can really tell that she fell in love with Cuba and it successfully showed in her photography. Something that she said about connection with other people stuck out to me. Anna said that it’s really about the reality and the connection to get great intimate photos. That to me, is something that is the most important thing especially when you are trying to capture a different society in a beautiful aspect. For example, when she had that language barrier between her, her translator, and the people of the land, she was not getting pure and candid photos, but once she found that connection, it really sparked in her shots. I think that Anna did a fantastic job at showing the positive side of Cuba that not many of us see and you can really tell that massive shift in her life after she had experienced everything on this trip. I am inspired to travel somewhere new and find the beauty in different countries for myself.